Jul 27, 2018

16mm - Nightlife

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Edited: Jul 27, 2018

Hey everyone! I've started learning and shooting on 16mm film as a test for bigger projects to come. We wanted to test how dark just the natural city lights are in Downtown LA, so we did a run and gun set up with a 16mm 4:3 Bolex and a car mount.


We shot 500t Tungsten stock, with a 16-35mm Canon mount lens. I believe we ended up shooting wide open as much as we could, since we weren't able to add in any additional lighting. We drove around Hollywood and Downtown with buddy on his motorcycle at 2am, and here's the final result:




Jul 29, 2018

Hey- really great look/shoot. Tell us what you plan on shooting in 16mm? Any other lessons learned from the shoot to share?

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